Technique for women with Carolina Bonaventura

Técnica para la mujer con Carolina Bonaventura

Technical Seminar for Women
with Carolina Bonaventura


Enhancements Techniques!

  • Sunday November 4, 2012 from 14pm to 17 pm.

Registration needed.
Space is limited. Delivered certificates.

Regular Classes

Mariposita de San Telmo

Classes with Carolina Bonaventura & Francisco Forquera

  • Mondays at 20h15 (intermediate), Wednesday at 19h (beginners), Friday at 20h15 (advanced) and Saturday at 18h30 (all levels) : Salon Tango
  • Tuesdays at 20h15 (all levels, intermediate) and Thursdays at 20h15 (advanced professional) Saloon Tango  – Deepening concepts.
  • Saturday at 16h: Tango stage for advanced and professional
  • Saturdays at 17:30: Milonga (all levels)

Technique classes for women with Carolina Bonaventura.

  • Monday 13h to 14h30 : Beginners
  • Tuesday 19h to 20h30 : All levels
  • Wednesday 13h to 14h30: Intermediate
  • Friday from 13h to 14h30: Advanced
  • Saturdays from 14h30 to 16h: all levels.

Technique classes for man with Francisco Forquera.

  • Monday at 19h: Beginners.
  • Thursday at 19h: Intermediate and Advanced
  • Saturdays at 13h: Intermediate.

Guided practice :

  • Wednesday from 20h15 to 23h.

In Mariposita : Carlos Calvo 950, Buenos Aires. Tel: 4300-3247.



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